First off, I'm not actually naked. I just thought 'P.S. I'm Naked' 
was a better name than 'The Giggly Poof, Super Grande
Supreme Jr., Grumpy Cat, Millennial, Zombie Apocalypse
Happy Fun Time Hour'. But maybe not.

If you're not sure what you're reading, you're not alone.
I'm not sure either.

Kidding! Only kidding!

Basically, this is a humor blog. You see before I decided to go
back to college for Graphic Design (by the way, I know the blog
could look better...I'm working on it so put away the Pintrest
examples of good graphic design) I was a stand-up comic for 8 or
9 years. Honestly, the reason I'm not still doing stand-up is because
where I'm currently living has no place to do comedy (*SPOILER
ALERT*...back with my parents at 30 #WINNING). Fuck, there's
barely even people here. Don't believe me, check this shit out...

Long story short, I still write a bunch so I decided to start a blog.
Best I figure is that I can get out all my hot nonsense in the form of
writings, original memes, satire articles, hand drawn cartoons, etc.
and at the same time work on my graphic and web design skills.
I hope you enjoy it. Also I hope I don't fuck this up. Also I cuss a lot
so I hope that shit doesn't bother you.

As a reward for reading all that nonsense, here are two pictures of
bears in top hats for you to enjoy (a personal favorite of mine).


Also, here's photographic proof that the Thesaurus has a more foul mouth
than I do.

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!!Your super duper awesome and
all that shit that, that jackass at work talks about you is totally not true!
Seriously, screw that guy!