Monday, April 3, 2017

Snapshot Surplus III: The Reckoning

Kind of a catch 22 cause Champions can't be number 2.

They may say these are fungus but I believe this is actually a screen grab from the “Night of the Living Dead” porn parody “Night of the Living Head”. Instead of a zombies hand coming out of the grave first, their…well you can see (certainly isn't Dead Man's "Fingers").

That moment when you finally realize you don’t know how to successfully update friends contact information.

I've had many ex-girlfriends tell me the same thing iPhone. THE SAME. EXACT. THING.
(P.S. I know I spelled cunnilingus wrong up there but I still thought it was kind of funny.) 

Ok, I would never make fun of a great organization like Lean In ( this can't be the kind of advertising they were looking for right?

I wondered why my flash drive came with a lava lamp, an ABBA 8-track, and a shag carpet sample book.

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